China Stuns The World By Unveiling Stealth Drone That Can Likely Carry 2 Tons Of Bombs..

BEIJING – China has revealed Sharp Sword UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) that can seemingly carry 2 tons of bombs.

‘Sharp Sword’, constructed by Aviation Industry Corporation of China, the unmanned aerial vehicle won 2nd place in China’s Nationwide Science and Technology Development Prizes, and is the primary non-NATO craft of its form, according to Popular Science.

Other comparable international systems include the American X-47B, the British Taranis, and the French Neuron. Stealthy UCAVs have a number of benefits over their manned counterparts: they’ll match the identical inner payload onto a smaller air frame, and have much longer ranges, along with the standard benefits of unmanned aerial vehicles, like longer flight times.

The monthly magazine mentioned that Sharp Sword may enter service as quickly as 2019-2020 to be used in reconnaissance missions and for monitoring international warships, and ultimately, it could possibly be used for combat.